1. First day with my old hours, 830 to 530. There was Dodger traffic. I think I need their schedule so I know to avoid that route. A damn half hour just to get through it.

  2. lordflacko91:

    Wish I had some right now 👅💦

    I would eat it all up

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  3. I was going to miss work today but decided I might as well go. Fuck it. It was kick back. Took my sweet ass time doing things and got everything done. I’m going back to my old hours, 830 to 530. I don’t care for those hours because of traffic. If it weren’t for the traffic, I would be okay with it. That’s the only thing I dread.


  5. I HATE living in this fuckin house! I gotta get us out of here.


  6. sometimes i get so aggrivated with everything. from my bedroom, to my car, job, just every damn thing. things just aren’t right. i’m sick of it all. i need a different atmosphere, just to get away from all the regular bullshit. i’m so done with it all.

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    Through the years

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  8. Tribute for Led Zeppelin

  9. Nice stroll

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